Breath of Salt

It's just what Dr's "in the know" have ordered!
...Then try our pure natural unrefined Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Himalayan Salt

Contains 84 trace minerals   -   High in Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium   -   Affects 20 Major Body Functions
DO you get leg cramps in the middle of the night?
DO you have Bursitis, Arthritis, etc.?
DO you have trouble sleeping through the night?
DO you have High Blood Pressure?
​ Do you LOVE salt - but have been told it's not good for you??

Our Product Lines

Sole Jar

Make your own Himalayan Sole at home in this great little jar-a tsp of sole a day can provide a wealth of health benefits.

Consumable Salt

Use our salt for sole, cooking, baking- however you use salt.

Salt Air Inhaler

A natural aid for respiratory health.

  • Fine Ground Salt
  • Coarse Ground Salt
  • Brine Rocks
  • Salt Shakers
  • Salt Grinders
  • Sole Jars
  • Salt Air Inhalers
Natural salt, or pure crystal salt, is the best alternative to cooking or sea salt. In earlier times, it was known as "king’s salt". It is a natural salt that gave rise to such expressions as "the salt of life" or "white gold"’. Natural salt matured over millions of years under high pressure, and it was not exposed to contamination. Crystal salt forms a very specific crystalline structure- all minerals contained in it are colloidal. Looking at this bio-chemically, we can see that we benefit from those minerals; bio-physically, we also profit from the energy and frequency of the crystal salt.

Natural Salt

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himalayan salt

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