salt your way to health


Breath of Salt

How Does the Crystal Salt Lamp clean the air?

    -------Remove pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungi), allergens (pollen, etc.) and other airborne irritants (smoke) from the room air.

Salt has a natural affinity for water (H2O). We can readily see that by setting a bowl of salt out on the counter- it will absorb moisture (water vapor) from right out of the air in the room, which results in it “caking” together. This is why you so often find grains of rice mixed in with the salt in restaurants.

​Himalayan Salt already contains minute amounts of water dispersed throughout the extremely fine crystal structure, but it is looking for more. When using a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp this “affinity” for water can be amplified many times in potency. The heat generated by the low wattage light bulb burning inside the Salt Crystal Lamp has the effect of “turning on” the crystal, so that it attracts the water vapor in the room at an even greater amount than when unlit. With the Lamp now drawing larger quantities of vapor towards itself, the vapor, and anything hitching a ride on it (such as bacteria or pollen, for example) will momentarily condensate on the surface of the Salt Crystal Lamp. This results in a microscopic pool of water, which then immediately dissolves the salt it contacts, forming a “salt solution.”

​As a child, whenever we had a sore throat, what did our mother tell us to do? Gargle with salt water! Why? –Because when the salt in the salt water came in contact with the bacteria causing our sore throat it would kill the bacteria. Well, that same process occurs at the microscopic level right on the surface of the lamp. Virtually any pathogen finding itself in the salt solution as a result of the condensation of the water vapor, will be neutralized or killed. Then, just as quickly, because the Lamp is warmer than the ambient air in the room, the water evaporates; the salt re-crystallizes, and the process continues, billions of times, over and over again.

It should be noted that the wattage of the light bulb used in your Himalayan Salt Lamp is selected to match the size, shape, and weight of the Lamp, in order to produce the best results. Too cool a light bulb (not enough watts) and the water will condensate, but not evaporate. The germs will die, but your Lamp will eventually “melt” (dissolve) over a long enough period of time. Too hot a bulb for the Salt Crystal Lamp and the water vapor will never be able to condensate on the surface. It is like Goldilocks, looking for the bulb that is just right. Fortunately, there is a wide range that works, but it is best to be in that range for optimal performance.