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Breath of Salt

Himalayan Salt Sole Jar

Himalayan salt sole helps harmonize the body’s alkaline/acidity balance, normalize blood pressure, eliminate sediments in the body, ward off rheumatism, detoxify the body, and nourish the body with 84 trace minerals.

This is the basic recipe as taught by F.Batmanghelidj MD in his book: Your Body’s Many Cries for Water (and his other books) and on his website:  (and his companion site I urge you to go to these sites for additional information about the role of proper daily hydration and health and for  in-depth scientific analysis and more detailed explanations.

1.      The water we drink must be free of all impurities- no tap water.

2.        The water you drink must be warm. Not hot, not cold, warm. The best temperature varies from person to person based on body type, metabolism, and current state of health. Room temperature may be too cool because water, standing alone, will always want to return to its original temperature. Something between 65 and 85 degrees is probably ideal. Just warm up some water on your stove. You will have to experiment to find out what works best for you. Our normal internal body temperature is 98.6 degrees. Your body works very hard to maintain this internal temperature.

3.      The water you drink must contain salt. Sea salt is best. Himalayan sea salt is the best sea salt. One quarter teaspoon of salt per one quart of drinking water. One quart is 32 ounces. The reason for adding the salt to your water is to aid the process of absorption and assimilation of the water molecules into your blood and into your cells. The presence of the salt also has an alkalinizing effect which is conducive to the natural healing process. If you cannot handle the taste of one quarter teaspoon of salt per quart of water, don’t worry. Just start with a smaller amount, even if that smaller amount is one grain of salt!  Each day just add a little bit more salt, and before you know it you will be in full compliance. Most people have some difficulty when first drinking intentionally salted water. These same people also report that they prefer the salted water once they get used to it and once they experience the profound benefits of proper daily hydration. There is more information in the next few paragraphs below under the heading: Why

is Proper Daily Hydration So Important?

4.      Drink your salted water throughout the entire day. Be gentle. Try not to drink too fast or drink too much at any one time. Try to space it out evenly throughout the day. If you have a history of incontinence, other bladder problems, frequent bladder and urinary tract infections, or you are concerned about the increased amount of water you will be drinking…relax. This isn’t something I am telling you about because it sounded like a good idea. This is a powerful solution to all kinds of problems. As your kidneys and bladder become properly re-hydrated their normal functions will get better not worse, and any associated problems in these areas will get better, not worse.  Just follow these directions precisely. Be patient. Go easy.

5.      Drink at least one quart of warm salted water (that’s 32 ounces) within the first hour of waking up each day. Try to wake up within an hour of sunrise if at all possible. Our body co-exists in a natural symbiotic relationship with the seasons and the tides and the rising and setting of the sun. Natural healing co-exists in harmony with the forces at work in the natural world. These same forces are at work inside our bodies. Each morning our body is the most dehydrated, the most acidic, and the most toxic. This habit of starting each day by consuming one quart of salted water within the first hour of waking up is a very important key to getting and maintaining the very best results possible from the watercure. If you weigh less than 120 pounds, then you can start your day with 24 ounces of salted water, not 32 ounces. (Yes, children too.)

6.      The amount of urine you eliminate should be equal to the amount of water you drink each day. It may take several days but not usually more than several weeks to see this balance happening with your body. The color of the first morning urine can be moderately yellow, but the rest of the urine should be very light yellow to almost clear like the color of lite beer. Dark yellow to orange colored urine is a sure-sign of dehydration and possible kidney stagnation which is not good. If the color of your urine is currently orange or very dark yellow and it does not become significantly lighter within several days of doing the water-cure, you should check with your medical doctor right away.  

7.      You must consume half your body weight in ounces of water per day, each and every day to recover from the symptoms of long term, chronic, unintentional dehydration and to prevent it from happening again. Read that rather long sentence again, and then several times after that, for it represents the most important part of the watercure recipe. You must consume the right quality water and you must consume the right amount or quantity of water. Please do not underestimate the importance of being consistent with the correct amount of water you need to drink each day. Water and salt in combination promote and restore proper hydration levels within the cells and systems of the body. Proper daily hydration is the most significant biomodulating and homeostatic influence inside the human body. When the body is properly and consistently hydrated, everything else functions better. If you exercise and sweat, consume any diuretic beverages (alcohol, coffee, tea, soda, anything with caffeine), then you will need to consume more water to make up. Your body loses 32 ounces of water each day just from breathing and sleeping and sitting around!  If you exert yourself vigorously and sweat profusely, you will need to be very careful to restore proper hydration levels and then maintain proper hydration levels. Half your body weight in ounces of water is therefore, the absolute minimum of water you need each day. But don’t over hydrate yourself either. Find the balance. Find the right amount of water for you given your unique circumstances.

Let’s summarize the steps of the watercure recipe for easier reference and understanding:

1.      The water we drink must be free of all impurities.

2.      The water we drink must be warm. Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Warm!

3.      Every ounce of water you drink must contain Himalayan sea salt for best results.

​4.      Drink your warm salted water throughout the entire day. Space-it-out.

5.      Drink one quart of warm salted water within the first hour of waking up each day.  If you weigh 120 pounds or less, you can get by with 24 ounces in that first hour.

6.      The outflow of urine should be equal in volume to the inflow of water. The color of your urine should be very light yellow or almost clear like the color of lite beer.

7.      You must consume half your body weight in ounces of warm salted water every day. If you weigh 200 pounds you need to drink 100 ounces of water. It’s just this simple.

Why Is Proper Daily Hydration So Important?

The Himalayan sea salt contains many other minerals and trace minerals (over 84) and this allows for better absorption into the cells, better communication between cells, and the incalculable therapeutic effects of alkalinizing our blood and lymph. I keep using this term, alkalinizing, but what I really mean is stabilizing our body fluids at their proper ph levels. For example, the ph of human blood must remain constant at 7.35 to 7.45 for optimum health. The ph of ocean water is nearly identical to the ph of human blood.

The primary reason commercial table salt is so bad for us is that it is almost pure sodium chloride. It has been stripped of all other minerals. This kind of salt is not natural at all. It is highly processed and refined. It is even bleached to be white. No wonder it is toxic to the body. Use the sea salt. Don’t use the commercial table salt.

​The (warm salted) water we drink is absorbed into our body through the stomach. Follow these suggestions and you will not feel bloated. Your bladder will get stronger not weaker. Your bladder capacity will increase and if you suffer from the symptoms of frequent urination and/or incontinence, they will subside and eventually disappear altogether. You must drink your water on an empty stomach and before meals. Wait about 30 minutes or so after meals before resuming your water intake or you may dilute your digestive juices, which is not good. Sometimes you need to wait longer. You decide.

The Watercure Recipe


* Place several salt crystals at bottom of jar
* Fill jar with spring water
* Let sit for 24 hours
* If salt remains, water has reached proper salination (if not, add more crystals and let sit another 24 hours)
* Keep jar covered and add salt crystals as they dissolve making sure that there is always some salt remaining in jar * Each morning, before eating or drinking, add one teaspoon (3 wooden spoons), of sole to an 8 oz. glass of spring water.

​Price- $19.99